Open CASCADE Technology  7.3.0
Public Member Functions

Approx_CurveOnSurface Class Reference

Approximation of curve on surface. More...

#include <Approx_CurveOnSurface.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 Approx_CurveOnSurface (const Handle< Adaptor2d_HCurve2d > &C2D, const Handle< Adaptor3d_HSurface > &Surf, const Standard_Real First, const Standard_Real Last, const Standard_Real Tol, const GeomAbs_Shape Continuity, const Standard_Integer MaxDegree, const Standard_Integer MaxSegments, const Standard_Boolean Only3d=Standard_False, const Standard_Boolean Only2d=Standard_False)
Standard_Boolean IsDone () const
Standard_Boolean HasResult () const
Handle< Geom_BSplineCurveCurve3d () const
Standard_Real MaxError3d () const
Handle< Geom2d_BSplineCurveCurve2d () const
Standard_Real MaxError2dU () const
Standard_Real MaxError2dV () const
 returns the maximum errors relativly to the U component or the V component of the 2d Curve More...

Detailed Description

Approximation of curve on surface.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Approx_CurveOnSurface()

Approx_CurveOnSurface::Approx_CurveOnSurface ( const Handle< Adaptor2d_HCurve2d > &  C2D,
const Handle< Adaptor3d_HSurface > &  Surf,
const Standard_Real  First,
const Standard_Real  Last,
const Standard_Real  Tol,
const GeomAbs_Shape  Continuity,
const Standard_Integer  MaxDegree,
const Standard_Integer  MaxSegments,
const Standard_Boolean  Only3d = Standard_False,
const Standard_Boolean  Only2d = Standard_False 

Member Function Documentation

◆ Curve2d()

Handle< Geom2d_BSplineCurve > Approx_CurveOnSurface::Curve2d ( ) const

◆ Curve3d()

Handle< Geom_BSplineCurve > Approx_CurveOnSurface::Curve3d ( ) const

◆ HasResult()

Standard_Boolean Approx_CurveOnSurface::HasResult ( ) const

◆ IsDone()

Standard_Boolean Approx_CurveOnSurface::IsDone ( ) const

◆ MaxError2dU()

Standard_Real Approx_CurveOnSurface::MaxError2dU ( ) const

◆ MaxError2dV()

Standard_Real Approx_CurveOnSurface::MaxError2dV ( ) const

returns the maximum errors relativly to the U component or the V component of the 2d Curve

◆ MaxError3d()

Standard_Real Approx_CurveOnSurface::MaxError3d ( ) const

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