Open CASCADE Technology  7.7.0

Namespace List

Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 CBVH_AxisSelector< T, 2 >
 CCenterAxisTool class for calculating box center along the given axis
 CCenterAxis< T, 2 >
 CCenterAxis< T, 3 >
 CCenterAxis< T, 4 >
 CSurfaceCalculatorTool class for calculating surface area of the box
 CSurfaceCalculator< T, 2 >
 CSurfaceCalculator< T, 3 >
 CSurfaceCalculator< T, 4 >
 CBoxMinMaxTool class for calculate component-wise vector minimum and maximum (optimized version)
 CBoxMinMax< T, 2 >
 CUpdateBoundTaskTask for parallel bounds updating
 CMatrixOp< T, 4 >
 CUnitVector< T, 2 >
 CUnitVector< T, 3 >
 CUnitVector< T, 4 >
 CBitComparatorSTL compare tool used in binary search algorithm
 CRadixSorterTool object for sorting link array using radix sort algorithm
 CVectorTypeTool class for selecting appropriate vector type (Eigen or NCollection)
 CVectorType< T, 1 >
 CVectorType< T, 2 >
 CVectorType< T, 3 >
 CVectorType< T, 4 >
 CMatrixTypeTool class for selecting appropriate matrix type (Eigen or NCollection)
 CMatrixType< T, 4 >
 CArrayTypeTool class for selecting type of array of vectors (STD or NCollection vector)
 CVecCompTool class for accessing specific vector component (by index)
 CVecComp< T, 2 >
 CVecComp< T, 3 >
 CVecComp< T, 4 >
 CArrayTool class providing typical operations on the array. It allows for interoperability between STD vector and NCollection vector
 NGraphic3d_TransformUtilsHelper class that implements transformation matrix functionality
 CMatrixType< Standard_Real >
 CMatrixType< Standard_ShortReal >
 CVectorType< Standard_Real >
 CVectorType< Standard_ShortReal >
 NIVtkToolsHelper methods to facilitate usage of VIS classes in an application
 NopencascadeNamespace opencascade is intended for low-level template classes and functions
 NstdNamespace opencascade::std includes templates from C++11 std namespace used by OCCT classes. These definitions are imported from std namespace, plus (on older compilers) from std::tr1, or implemented by custom code where neither std not std::tr1 provide necessary definitions
 ChandleIntrusive smart pointer for use with Standard_Transient class and its descendants
 Cis_base_but_not_sameTrait yielding true if class T1 is base of T2 but not the same
 Cis_base_but_not_same< T1, T2, typename opencascade::std::enable_if< opencascade::std::is_same< T1, T2 >::value >::type >Explicit specialization of is_base_of trait to workaround the requirement of type to be complete when T1 and T2 are the same
 Cis_integerThe type trait that checks if the passed type is integer (it must be integral and not boolean)
 Cdisable_deductionThe auxiliary template that is used for template argument deduction in function templates. A function argument which type is a template type parameter and it is not needed to be deducted must be declared using this class template based on the type of some other template type parameter of a function template
 Ctype_instanceTemplate class providing instantiation of type descriptors as singletons. The descriptors are defined as static variables in function get(), which is essential to ensure that they are initialized in correct sequence
 Ctype_instance< void >Specialization of type descriptor instance for void; returns null handle
 CVectorTypeTool class for selecting appropriate vector type
 CVectorType< Standard_Real >
 CVectorType< Standard_ShortReal >
 CMatrixTypeTool class for selecting appropriate matrix type
 CMatrixType< Standard_Real >
 CMatrixType< Standard_ShortReal >
 NRWObj_ToolsAuxiliary tools for OBJ format parser