Open CASCADE Technology  6.9.0
Public Member Functions

PTopoDS_Shape1 Class Reference

The PTopoDS_Shape1 is the Persistent view of a TopoDS_Shape. More...

#include <PTopoDS_Shape1.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 PTopoDS_Shape1 ()
void Nullify ()
const Handle< PTopoDS_TShape1 > & TShape () const
void TShape (const Handle< PTopoDS_TShape1 > &T)
PTopLoc_Location Location () const
void Location (const PTopLoc_Location &L)
TopAbs_Orientation Orientation () const
void Orientation (const TopAbs_Orientation O)
Handle< PTopoDS_TShape1_CSFDB_GetPTopoDS_Shape1myTShape () const
void _CSFDB_SetPTopoDS_Shape1myTShape (const Handle< PTopoDS_TShape1 > &p)
const PTopLoc_Location_CSFDB_GetPTopoDS_Shape1myLocation () const
TopAbs_Orientation _CSFDB_GetPTopoDS_Shape1myOrient () const
void _CSFDB_SetPTopoDS_Shape1myOrient (const TopAbs_Orientation p)

Detailed Description

The PTopoDS_Shape1 is the Persistent view of a TopoDS_Shape.

a Shape1 contains :

It inherits from ExternShareable, so that it can be shared by other objects located outside the container.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PTopoDS_Shape1::PTopoDS_Shape1 ( )

Member Function Documentation

const PTopLoc_Location& PTopoDS_Shape1::_CSFDB_GetPTopoDS_Shape1myLocation ( ) const
TopAbs_Orientation PTopoDS_Shape1::_CSFDB_GetPTopoDS_Shape1myOrient ( ) const
Handle< PTopoDS_TShape1 > PTopoDS_Shape1::_CSFDB_GetPTopoDS_Shape1myTShape ( ) const
void PTopoDS_Shape1::_CSFDB_SetPTopoDS_Shape1myOrient ( const TopAbs_Orientation  p)
void PTopoDS_Shape1::_CSFDB_SetPTopoDS_Shape1myTShape ( const Handle< PTopoDS_TShape1 > &  p)
PTopLoc_Location PTopoDS_Shape1::Location ( ) const
void PTopoDS_Shape1::Location ( const PTopLoc_Location L)
void PTopoDS_Shape1::Nullify ( )
TopAbs_Orientation PTopoDS_Shape1::Orientation ( ) const
void PTopoDS_Shape1::Orientation ( const TopAbs_Orientation  O)
const Handle< PTopoDS_TShape1 >& PTopoDS_Shape1::TShape ( ) const
void PTopoDS_Shape1::TShape ( const Handle< PTopoDS_TShape1 > &  T)

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