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Graphic3d_TextureParams Class Reference

This class describes texture parameters. More...

#include <Graphic3d_TextureParams.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 Graphic3d_TextureParams ()
 Default constructor. More...
void Destroy () const
 ~Graphic3d_TextureParams ()
Standard_Boolean IsModulate () const
void SetModulate (const Standard_Boolean theToModulate)
Standard_Boolean IsRepeat () const
void SetRepeat (const Standard_Boolean theToRepeat)
Graphic3d_TypeOfTextureFilter Filter () const
void SetFilter (const Graphic3d_TypeOfTextureFilter theFilter)
Graphic3d_LevelOfTextureAnisotropy AnisoFilter () const
void SetAnisoFilter (const Graphic3d_LevelOfTextureAnisotropy theLevel)
Standard_ShortReal Rotation () const
void SetRotation (const Standard_ShortReal theAngleDegrees)
const Graphic3d_Vec2Scale () const
void SetScale (const Graphic3d_Vec2 theScale)
const Graphic3d_Vec2Translation () const
void SetTranslation (const Graphic3d_Vec2 theVec)
Graphic3d_TypeOfTextureMode GenMode () const
const Graphic3d_Vec4GenPlaneS () const
const Graphic3d_Vec4GenPlaneT () const
void SetGenMode (const Graphic3d_TypeOfTextureMode theMode, const Graphic3d_Vec4 thePlaneS, const Graphic3d_Vec4 thePlaneT)
 Setup texture coordinates generation mode. More...
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 Standard_Transient ()
 Empty constructor. More...
 Standard_Transient (const Standard_Transient &)
 Copy constructor – does nothing. More...
Standard_Transientoperator= (const Standard_Transient &)
 Assignment operator, needed to avoid copying reference counter. More...
virtual ~Standard_Transient ()
 Destructor must be virtual. More...
virtual void Delete () const
 Memory deallocator for transient classes. More...
virtual const Handle_Standard_Type & DynamicType () const
 Returns a type information object about this object. More...
Standard_Boolean IsInstance (const Handle_Standard_Type &theType) const
 Returns a true value if this is an instance of Type. More...
Standard_Boolean IsInstance (const Standard_CString theTypeName) const
 Returns a true value if this is an instance of TypeName. More...
Standard_Boolean IsKind (const Handle_Standard_Type &theType) const
 Returns true if this is an instance of Type or an instance of any class that inherits from Type. Note that multiple inheritance is not supported by OCCT RTTI mechanism. More...
Standard_Boolean IsKind (const Standard_CString theTypeName) const
 Returns true if this is an instance of TypeName or an instance of any class that inherits from TypeName. Note that multiple inheritance is not supported by OCCT RTTI mechanism. More...
virtual Handle_Standard_Transient This () const
 Returns a Handle which references this object. Must never be called to objects created in stack. More...
Standard_Integer GetRefCount () const
 Get the reference counter of this object. More...

Detailed Description

This class describes texture parameters.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Graphic3d_TextureParams::Graphic3d_TextureParams ( )

Default constructor.

Graphic3d_TextureParams::~Graphic3d_TextureParams ( )

Member Function Documentation

Graphic3d_LevelOfTextureAnisotropy Graphic3d_TextureParams::AnisoFilter ( ) const
level of anisontropy texture filter. Default value is Graphic3d_LOTA_OFF.
void Graphic3d_TextureParams::Destroy ( ) const
Graphic3d_TypeOfTextureFilter Graphic3d_TextureParams::Filter ( ) const
texture interpolation filter. Default value is Graphic3d_TOTF_NEAREST.
Graphic3d_TypeOfTextureMode Graphic3d_TextureParams::GenMode ( ) const
texture coordinates generation mode. Default value is Graphic3d_TOTM_MANUAL.
const Graphic3d_Vec4& Graphic3d_TextureParams::GenPlaneS ( ) const
texture coordinates generation plane S.
const Graphic3d_Vec4& Graphic3d_TextureParams::GenPlaneT ( ) const
texture coordinates generation plane T.
Standard_Boolean Graphic3d_TextureParams::IsModulate ( ) const
TRUE if the texture is modulate. Default value is FALSE.
Standard_Boolean Graphic3d_TextureParams::IsRepeat ( ) const
TRUE if the texture repeat is enabled. Default value is FALSE.
Standard_ShortReal Graphic3d_TextureParams::Rotation ( ) const
rotation angle in degrees Default value is 0.
const Graphic3d_Vec2& Graphic3d_TextureParams::Scale ( ) const
scale factor Default value is no scaling (1.0; 1.0).
void Graphic3d_TextureParams::SetAnisoFilter ( const Graphic3d_LevelOfTextureAnisotropy  theLevel)
theLevellevel of anisontropy texture filter.
void Graphic3d_TextureParams::SetFilter ( const Graphic3d_TypeOfTextureFilter  theFilter)
theFiltertexture interpolation filter.
void Graphic3d_TextureParams::SetGenMode ( const Graphic3d_TypeOfTextureMode  theMode,
const Graphic3d_Vec4  thePlaneS,
const Graphic3d_Vec4  thePlaneT 

Setup texture coordinates generation mode.

void Graphic3d_TextureParams::SetModulate ( const Standard_Boolean  theToModulate)
theToModulateturn modulation on/off.
void Graphic3d_TextureParams::SetRepeat ( const Standard_Boolean  theToRepeat)
theToRepeatturn texture repeat mode ON or OFF (clamping).
void Graphic3d_TextureParams::SetRotation ( const Standard_ShortReal  theAngleDegrees)
theAngleDegreesrotation angle.
void Graphic3d_TextureParams::SetScale ( const Graphic3d_Vec2  theScale)
theScalescale factor.
void Graphic3d_TextureParams::SetTranslation ( const Graphic3d_Vec2  theVec)
theVectranslation vector.
const Graphic3d_Vec2& Graphic3d_TextureParams::Translation ( ) const
translation vector Default value is no translation (0.0; 0.0).

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