Open CASCADE Technology  6.9.1
Public Member Functions
OpenGl_StructureShadow Class Reference

Dummy structure which just redirects to groups of another structure. More...

#include <OpenGl_StructureShadow.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 OpenGl_StructureShadow (const Handle< Graphic3d_StructureManager > &theManager, const Handle< OpenGl_Structure > &theStructure)
 Create empty structure. More...
virtual const Graphic3d_SequenceOfGroupDrawGroups () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenGl_Structure
 OpenGl_Structure (const Handle< Graphic3d_StructureManager > &theManager)
 Create empty structure. More...
virtual void OnVisibilityChanged () Standard_OVERRIDE
 Setup structure graphic state. More...
virtual void Clear ()
 Clear graphic data. More...
virtual void Connect (Graphic3d_CStructure &theStructure)
 Connect other structure to this one. More...
virtual void Disconnect (Graphic3d_CStructure &theStructure)
 Disconnect other structure to this one. More...
virtual void UpdateAspects ()
 Synchronize structure aspects. More...
virtual void UpdateTransformation ()
 Synchronize structure transformation. More...
virtual void HighlightWithColor (const Graphic3d_Vec3 &theColor, const Standard_Boolean theToCreate)
 Highlight entire structure with color. More...
virtual void HighlightWithBndBox (const Handle< Graphic3d_Structure > &theStruct, const Standard_Boolean theToCreate)
 Highlight structure using boundary box. More...
virtual Handle< Graphic3d_CStructureShadowLink (const Handle< Graphic3d_StructureManager > &theManager) const
 Create shadow link to this structure. More...
virtual Handle< Graphic3d_GroupNewGroup (const Handle< Graphic3d_Structure > &theStruct)
 Create new group within this structure. More...
virtual void RemoveGroup (const Handle< Graphic3d_Group > &theGroup)
 Remove group from this structure. More...
OpenGl_GraphicDriverGlDriver () const
 Access graphic driver. More...
void SetTransformPersistence (const CALL_DEF_TRANSFORM_PERSISTENCE &ATransPers)
void SetAspectLine (const CALL_DEF_CONTEXTLINE &theAspect)
void SetAspectFace (const CALL_DEF_CONTEXTFILLAREA &theAspect)
void SetAspectMarker (const CALL_DEF_CONTEXTMARKER &theAspect)
void SetAspectText (const CALL_DEF_CONTEXTTEXT &theAspect)
void clearHighlightBox (const Handle< OpenGl_Context > &theGlCtx)
void setHighlightColor (const Handle< OpenGl_Context > &theGlCtx, const Graphic3d_Vec3 &theColor)
void clearHighlightColor (const Handle< OpenGl_Context > &theGlCtx)
void Clear (const Handle< OpenGl_Context > &theGlCtx)
virtual void RenderGeometry (const Handle< OpenGl_Workspace > &theWorkspace) const
 Renders groups of structure without applying any attributes (i.e. transform, material etc). More...
virtual void Render (const Handle< OpenGl_Workspace > &theWorkspace) const
 Renders the structure. More...
virtual void Release (const Handle< OpenGl_Context > &theGlCtx)
 Releases structure resources. More...
void ResetCullingStatus () const
 Marks structure as not overlapping view volume (as it is by default). More...
void MarkAsNotCulled () const
 Marks structure as overlapping the current view volume one. The method is called during traverse of BVH tree. More...
Standard_Boolean IsCulled () const
 Returns Standard_False if the structure hits the current view volume, otherwise returns Standard_True. The default value for all structures before each traverse of BVH tree is Standard_True. More...
const Standard_Boolean IsAlwaysRendered () const
 Checks if the structure should be included into BVH tree or not. More...
void ReleaseGlResources (const Handle< OpenGl_Context > &theGlCtx)
 This method releases GL resources without actual elements destruction. As result structure could be correctly destroyed layer without GL context (after last window was closed for example). More...
const OpenGl_StructureInstancedStructure () const
 Returns instanced OpenGL structure. More...
const OpenGl_AspectFaceAspectFace () const
 Returns OpenGL face aspect. More...
const OpenGl_MatrixTransformation () const
 Returns OpenGL transformation matrix. More...
const TEL_TRANSFORM_PERSISTENCEPersistentTranslation () const
 Returns OpenGL persistent translation. More...
Standard_Size ModificationState () const
 Returns structure modification state (for ray-tracing). More...
void ResetModificationState () const
 Resets structure modification state (for ray-tracing) More...
Standard_Boolean IsRaytracable () const
 Is the structure ray-tracable (contains ray-tracable elements)? More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Graphic3d_CStructure
const Handle< Graphic3d_GraphicDriver > & GraphicDriver () const
const Graphic3d_SequenceOfGroupGroups () const
const Graphic3d_SequenceOfHClipPlaneClipPlanes () const
void SetClipPlanes (const Graphic3d_SequenceOfHClipPlane &thePlanes)
 Pass clip planes to the associated graphic driver structure. More...
const Graphic3d_BndBox4fBoundingBox () const
Graphic3d_BndBox4fChangeBoundingBox ()
bool IsVisible () const
 Return structure visibility flag. More...
void SetZLayer (const Graphic3d_ZLayerId theLayerIndex)
 Set z layer ID to display the structure in specified layer. More...
Graphic3d_ZLayerId ZLayer () const
 Get z layer ID. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Standard_Transient
 Standard_Transient ()
 Empty constructor. More...
 Standard_Transient (const Standard_Transient &)
 Copy constructor – does nothing. More...
Standard_Transientoperator= (const Standard_Transient &)
 Assignment operator, needed to avoid copying reference counter. More...
virtual ~Standard_Transient ()
 Destructor must be virtual. More...
virtual void Delete () const
 Memory deallocator for transient classes. More...
virtual const Handle_Standard_Type & DynamicType () const
 Returns a type information object about this object. More...
Standard_Boolean IsInstance (const Handle_Standard_Type &theType) const
 Returns a true value if this is an instance of Type. More...
Standard_Boolean IsInstance (const Standard_CString theTypeName) const
 Returns a true value if this is an instance of TypeName. More...
Standard_Boolean IsKind (const Handle_Standard_Type &theType) const
 Returns true if this is an instance of Type or an instance of any class that inherits from Type. Note that multiple inheritance is not supported by OCCT RTTI mechanism. More...
Standard_Boolean IsKind (const Standard_CString theTypeName) const
 Returns true if this is an instance of TypeName or an instance of any class that inherits from TypeName. Note that multiple inheritance is not supported by OCCT RTTI mechanism. More...
virtual Handle_Standard_Transient This () const
 Returns a Handle which references this object. Must never be called to objects created in stack. More...
Standard_Integer GetRefCount () const
 Get the reference counter of this object. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Data Fields inherited from Graphic3d_CStructure
int Id
Graphic3d_ZLayerId myZLayer
int Priority
int PreviousPriority
CALL_DEF_COLOR HighlightColor
float Transformation [4][4]
Graphic3d_TypeOfComposition Composition
int ContainsFacet
Handle< Graphic3d_ViewAffinityViewAffinity
 view affinity mask More...
unsigned IsInfinite: 1
unsigned stick: 1
 displaying state - should be set when structure has been added to scene graph (but can be in hidden state) More...
unsigned highlight: 1
unsigned visible: 1
 visibility flag - can be used to suppress structure while leaving it in the scene graph More...
unsigned HLRValidation: 1
unsigned IsForHighlight: 1
unsigned IsMutable: 1
unsigned Is2dText: 1
- Protected Member Functions inherited from OpenGl_Structure
virtual ~OpenGl_Structure ()
void UpdateStateIfRaytracable (const Standard_Boolean toCheck=Standard_True) const
 Updates ray-tracable status for structure and its parents. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Graphic3d_CStructure
 Graphic3d_CStructure (const Handle< Graphic3d_StructureManager > &theManager)
 Create empty structure. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from OpenGl_Structure
Handle< OpenGl_GroupmyHighlightBox
Standard_Boolean myIsRaytracable
Standard_Size myModificationState
Standard_Boolean myIsCulled
 A status specifying is structure needs to be rendered after BVH tree traverse. More...
Standard_Boolean myIsMirrored
 Used to tell OpenGl to interpret polygons in clockwise order. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Graphic3d_CStructure
Handle< Graphic3d_GraphicDrivermyGraphicDriver
Graphic3d_SequenceOfGroup myGroups
Graphic3d_BndBox4f myBndBox
Graphic3d_SequenceOfHClipPlane myClipPlanes

Detailed Description

Dummy structure which just redirects to groups of another structure.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OpenGl_StructureShadow::OpenGl_StructureShadow ( const Handle< Graphic3d_StructureManager > &  theManager,
const Handle< OpenGl_Structure > &  theStructure 

Create empty structure.

Member Function Documentation

virtual const Graphic3d_SequenceOfGroup& OpenGl_StructureShadow::DrawGroups ( ) const
graphic groups

Reimplemented from OpenGl_Structure.

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