Open CASCADE Technology
Data Structures
GccAna_CircLin2dBisec.hxx File Reference
#include <Standard.hxx>
#include <Standard_DefineAlloc.hxx>
#include <Standard_Handle.hxx>
#include <Standard_Boolean.hxx>
#include <Standard_Integer.hxx>
#include <gp_Circ2d.hxx>
#include <gp_Lin2d.hxx>

Data Structures

class  GccAna_CircLin2dBisec
 Describes functions for building bisecting curves between a 2D line and a 2D circle. A bisecting curve between a circle and a line is a curve such that each of its points is at the same distance from the circle and the line. It can be a parabola or a line, depending of the relative position of the line and the circle. The algorithm computes all the elementary curves which are solutions. A CircLin2dBisec object provides a framework for: More...