Hi All,

When I set the selection mode to vertices, edges, faces etc in the above sample and move the mouse over the object displayed it crashes. I really need to understand this type of selection process for my work.

Has anybody encountered this problem ? and if so how do I solve it ?

I am running on WNT4.0 with vc++

Thank you for any help


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I am still encountering this problem. Does anybody have the same problem, and if so how did they work around it ?


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Have you tried to install SP2 for MSVS?

Best regards, Dima

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I have just installed SP4 for MSVS but the same problem still occurs, this is very frustrating ! Has anybody observed the same problem ?

I am using NT4.0 with SP6. MSVS with SP4. OpenCascade v3.0

Please help !