Add yet another competitive advantage to your application with added-value software components from Open Cascade!

On top of open-source Open CASCADE Technology libraries we offer miscellaneous Added-value Components (SDKs) that can enrich your application or help you solve a specific problem. If you develop your in-house software, or if you are a commercial software editor, these components should be particularly interesting because using them in your products will save your time and costs.
For professional developers, Advanced Samples are available with full source code, to demonstrate Open CASCADE Technology use in various domains, including data exchange, 3D parametric modeling, and industrial design. Advanced Tools can be applied immediately to speed up the development in your specific environment. This page represents the listing of all commercial components available for purchase on Open Cascade website.

Automation of processes & data

CAM Library Component

The Open CASCADE CAM Library SDK provides a set of dedicated algorithms allowing the developer to convert (approximate) arbitrary 2d curves into sequences of circular arcs and linear segments, build planar sections of a shape, offset planar sections and build path contours for pocketing operation. Learn more

BestFit Component

The Best Fit Algorithm is used to solve the problem of finding the proper position of a cloud of points relative to a 3D CAD model in order to globally minimize the distances between an input data set (a cloud of points, e.g. obtained by measurement of the real part) and its corresponding nominal model (CAD model of the real part). Learn more

Unfolding Component

There is a common need in industries dealing with sheet material products (shipbuilding, construction, aerospace, manufacturing, etc.) to accurately calculate the shape of a sheet material blank to be used for production of a particular detail of the product (a plate). Learn more

Collision Detection Component

The Open CASCADE Collision Detection SDK provides the algorithms to detect collisions or proximity between pairs of shapes. The fast shape-shape collision and proximity detection algorithm is intended for detecting collision (intersection) or proximity criterion violation between a pair of Open CASCADE shapes positioned at arbitrary locations. Learn more

Data exchange

DXF Import-Export Component

The Open CASCADE DXF Import-Export SDK provides Open CASCADE Technology-based applications with the capability of reading and writing DXF files. Learn more 

ACIS Import-Export Component

The Open CASCADE ACIS Import-Export SDK provides Open CASCADE Technology-based applications with the capability of reading and writing SAT (Standard ACIS Text) and SAB (Standard ACIS Binary) files. Learn more 

JT Import-Export Component

The Open CASCADE JT Import-Export SDK provides Open CASCADE Technology-based applications with the capability to:
•    read a JT file into a JT model;
•    write a JT model into a JT file;
•    create, explore and modify JT models.
Learn more

IFC Import Component

The Open CASCADE IFC Import SDK provides applications with the capability of reading BIM (Building Information Modeling) data from the files in IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) format. Learn more

Parasolid Import Component

The Open CASCADE Parasolid Import SDK provides Open CASCADE Technology-based applications with the capability of reading Parasolid files. Learn more

Hybrid 3D visualization

Web 3D Viewer Component

The package consists of two components:
•    WebGL 3D viewer — the component responsible for CAD rendering and visualization in a web, 
•    Presentation Generator (BSON generator) — the component responsible for conversion of CAD files to internal binary presentation format (BSON) that can be displayed in a web browser with help of WebGL 3D viewer component.
Learn more

PMI Visualization Technology

Solutions built with the use of PMI (Product and Manufacturing Information) Visualization module (3D visualization software and PMI data authoring) effectively handle PMI data coming from various third party software systems or 3D files. Learn more

Volume Rendering Technology

Volume Rendering allows 3D visualization of very large volumetric data sets generated by high-resolution CT equipment. Level-of-detail (LOD) approach implemented in the solution gives the opportunity to display almost unlimited. Learn more


Precise 3D processing and transformation

Canonical Recognition Component

The Open CASCADE Canonical Recognition SDK provides Open CASCADE Technology-based applications with the capability of converting NURBS geometries of shapes (B-Spline / Bezier curves and surfaces) to their analytical form (primitive curves and surfaces), if possible with given accuracy. Learn more

Surfaces from Scattered Points Component

The Open CASCADE Surfaces from Scattered Points SDK (SSP) provides a groundwork to perform various operations of surface reconstruction and modification. Learn more

Express Mesh Component

The Open CASCADE Express Mesh SDK features an advanced algorithm for meshing surfaces represented with BRep shapes. It provides triangular and quadrangular meshing of a shape containing Faces. Learn more

Mesh Framework Component

The Open CASCADE Mesh Framework (OMF) SDK enables mesh support in development of pre- and post-processing applications with Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT). In conjunction with Open CASCADE Technology it can be particularly interesting for CAD/CAE application software vendors looking for a complete development platform. Learn more

Advanced Samples and Wrappers


Wrappers help to make the development of Open CASCADE Technology based software faster and more efficient, by providing ready to use components implementing some highly demanded features. Learn more


Advanced Samples extend the collection of standard samples already included into Open CASCADE Technology, focusing on more advanced techniques. Learn more