Open Cascade Platform components are updated to OCCT 7.8.0!

Added-value components are updated to OCCT 7.8.0!

We are pleased to announce that the updated versions of our added-value components are now available for download. There releases are compatible with Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT) v.7.8.0. This update of the OCCT components provides around 40 bug fixes over the previous release 7.7.0.

Open Cascade customers are welcome to download the components from Customer Corner.

New feature - STEP Import | User Defined Attributes

Dear OCCT Community,

We are excited to announce a significant update to the OpenCASCADE Technology (OCCT). Our development team has introduced new functionality for STEP Import - User Defined Attributes (UDA, Metadata, property), which is now available in the latest master, CR0-WEEK-7.

The official recommended practices for STEP UDA can be found here.

Temporary Disabling of Notifications

Dear Collaborative Development Portal Users,

Unfortunately, our forum has become a target for spammers, and we are taking immediate action. To enhance bot protection, we need some time. As a temporary solution, we have disabled all notifications. We apologize for the inconvenience and kindly ask you to monitor interesting topics and your own requests manually.

Best regards,
Open Cascade Team.

Shape the Future of OCCT! Your Opinion Matters!

Dear OCCT Community,

We are excited to invite you to participate in our latest initiative to shape the future of the OCCT project. Your valuable insights and experiences are crucial in helping us understand how OCCT is utilized and how we can improve it to better serve your needs.

Take a few minutes to complete our OCCT User Experience Survey [].

Exciting Upgrades Coming in OCCT 7.8.0 Release

Mark your calendars for the fourth quarter of 2023, as we are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of OCCT 7.8.0! The OCCT development team has been hard at work, and this release promises a host of new features and enhancements that will undoubtedly elevate your experience with OCCT. Let's dive into the intriguing details of what's in store:

Open CASCADE Technology 7.7.1 maintenance release


Open Cascade is pleased to announce that the next Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT) maintenance release (version 7.7.1) is prepared. The sources of Open CASCADE Technology 7.7.1 are available under the V7_7_1 tag in the OCCT repository.

This maintenance release fixes the following problems:

Open Cascade Platform components are updated to OCCT 7.7.0!

We are pleased to announce that the new versions of added-value components are available under Open Cascade Platform. All components were ported and certified to Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT) v.7.7.0. The new release of Open Cascade Platform components provides around 100 bug fixes over the previous release 7.6.0.

Open Cascade updates OCCT research & science publications collection

Open Cascade updates Open CASCADE Technology Research and Science publications collection on the OCCT Development portal. The catalogue was enriched with 2021–2022 (till the end of August) works, adding to the collection almost 200 new research articles from prominent universities, scientific institutions, and R&D departments of commercial companies.