Open CASCADE Technology Support

If you seek a 3d cad support about any technical questions connected with OCCT, there are the two main ways to get assistance: 
•    OCCT forum
•    Paid Technical Support.


OCCT forum can be of a help for those looking for free cad support services. The forums were created for the users of our open source product to share their experience on a wide number of topics ranging from installation, building and usage of the libraries to several related community projects. Open Cascade technical specialists often answer users’ questions. You can also refer to the forum for important announcements about OCCT releases, new features and achievements.

If you’d like to report an issue, use our bug tracker. You need to log in to report the issue.

Paid Technical Support


If you look for expert support, Open CASCADE provides paid technical services including:

  • Technical assistance
    • Helpdesk for instant answers to your technical questions,
    • Technical Support for sophisticated projects,
    • Expert Consulting for the best choice of architecture and functionality,
    • Bug correction to quickly solve blocking problems
  • Advanced Samples and Wrappers

Technical services can be ordered independently or in the form of A-la Carte set. This kind of assistance includes certain amounts of "units" that can be distributed among various types of support services. A la Carte packages vary by units number depending on how many you need for your business purposes. Please refer to the links above for more details or use contact form if you have a specific request.