About Open Cascade Format?

Hi All: I saw and test several samples. There are IGES, STEP,.. "save as" function. Does it exit Open Cascade format? For example, I import an IGES format file into the program and I want to save as to be an Open Cascade format file(if exists). How to do it?? Thanks.


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Well, in my point of view, I think that BREP files is the file format you need : when you read an IGES or a STEP, you get a set of TopoDS_Shape. Just make a TopoDS_Compound of all the shapes, and you can save this compound in the BREP file. (look in the Samples, SampleImportExportPackage : WriteBREP).

Stephen JANNIN

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Dear Stephen: Thanks for your response. Does it have other formats? BRep file format is one of formats. But, it doesn't have history.

best regards, shawn