About Plugin.


I have downloaded exoTK and compiliered it.
I try many times,but whether how i compilier it, it can't import any file format. What's wrong ?

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I assume you are using Windows :
When you compile the plugins, it generates some *.pgi files.
If you are using the dsw file released with the sources, those files should be copied in one folder ( the lib folder ).
In the registry, you should have a key : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\exotk\exoTKAD\exotkPluginPath
This key must contain the path of the folder containing the pgi files ( ex : C:\Program Files\exoTKAD\bin\ ).
It should work.
If not, try to see what is written in the log console of exoTKAD, or, check in the folder from your TEMP environment variable, you will find a log file.