AIS performance

Hi All,

the display performance problem of AIS has been touched upon many times. Is there in the mean time
any new proposal, even better a prototype code. The
Vtk based solution seems not to be much better. I'll
appreciate any comment on this subject.


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build another VTK solution and you get better results.



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Hi Patrik,

do you have any Vtk based or for that matter any AIS implementation with a better performance than the OCAS implementation? Can you kindly be specific about how you achieved this.

The discussions hitherto about this subject in this forum seem always to end in such fruitless answers which impede productive discussion.

with regards

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Hi Mark,

it depends on several factors:

AIS - I hope V5 will have better performance (if it comes 2003 :-))))

VTK - there was a discussion at VTK several times ago what would be the best way. It depends on your needs. If you just need visualization without face selecting for example you can get better (faster) results with VTK. I work at the moment with triangle strips. I think AIS should also have this possiblity but at the moment people have to change TKOpenGL for implementing such a feature - so I wait because I don't have much free time at the moment.

Another possiblity would be using a LOD implementation.

All of these implementations have for me a great disadvantage:
I need more time for building my objects (triangulation, stripifying, transfer to VTK or OpenInventor) so I don't think it could replace AIS for REAL interaction.
Apart from that you'll have to reimplement many features AIS already has - waste of time??