AIS_Dimension & Relation

Can someone please help me to understand exactly how the AIS_Dimension and Relation is used to display the dimensions of objects. I have tried by the documentation but am unsuccessful yet in displaying dimensions.
Some example code will be more helpful.
Please help.

N. Sharjith

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This is almost 18 y.o. question ( it's almost allowed to buy the alcohol drinks :) ), but it still remains unanswered. As was looking for the same code sample too and have just found something on GitHub. So I leave the answer here. Maybe it will help someone else.

  Handle(AIS_Dimension) aDim;
  if (myIsDiameterDimension)
    aDim = new AIS_DiameterDimension (aCircle);
    Handle(AIS_DiameterDimension)::DownCast(aDim)->SetFlyout (aDimDlg->GetFlyout());
    aDim = new AIS_RadiusDimension (aCircle);
    Handle(AIS_RadiusDimension)::DownCast(aDim)->SetFlyout (aDimDlg->GetFlyout());

  Handle(Prs3d_DimensionAspect) anAspect = new Prs3d_DimensionAspect();
  anAspect->MakeArrows3d (Standard_False);
  anAspect->MakeText3d (/* Text goes here */);
  anAspect->TextAspect()->SetHeight (/* Font height goes here */);
  anAspect->MakeTextShaded (/* Shall we select text? */);
  anAspect->SetCommonColor (/* Color? */);
  anAspect->MakeUnitsDisplayed (/* Display Units? */);
  if (/* Display Units? */)
    aDim->SetDisplayUnits (/* Which Units? */);

  aDim->SetDimensionAspect (anAspect);

  // Display dimension in the neutral point
  myAISContext->Display (aDim, Standard_True);