Hi, before 6.7.0 I was using AIS_LengthDimension to display a special text and not only a value.
Is there a way to do that in 6.7.0 release ?
Thanks in advance.
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PS: Great job for in 6.7.0

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i was also using it with 6.6 but it throws an exception with 6.7. there is also an "add dimension" dialog in the modeling (mfc) sample and it also does not work for me.
any help is appreciated.

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I had same problem in OCC6.7.1, it seems that AIS_LengthDimension is now depending on the UnitsAPI.

So the following environment variables are necessary:

set CSF_UnitsLexicon=%CASROOT%\src\UnitsAPI\Lexi_Expr.dat
set CSF_UnitsDefinition=%CASROOT%\src\UnitsAPI\Units.dat

If these are not set, then it looks relative to CASROOT, but if it cannot find the .dat files, it crashes.

You can still set custom text with:

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my problem is not about special characters, i can not just use AIS_LengthDimension in 6.7, it just crashes. it also does not seem to work in the provided samples.

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Dear yunus,
Take into account, please that in OCCT6.7.0 presentation of dimensions was redesigned. See chapters "Improved presentation of dimensions" and "Porting to version 6.7.0 / Improved dimensions implementation" of OCCT6.7.0 "Release Notes".
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