AIS_Relation and others

I can't draw in V3d_View different AIS_Relation objects like AIS_ParallelRelation. I saw several topics on the forum about this, but there is't solution. As I understood, somebody has such problems also, but somebody has't it.
I have read OCC documentation, cdl-files and sources, but I have't idea. I use OCC 5.1 and Windows2000.
Somebody could you give an idea "why"? And, if possible, a small example.
thank you

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Hello Valery,

You might want to consult ViewerTest_RelationCommands.cxx for examples. Unfortunately, some event loops are only implemented for Unix, so you can experiment in Test Harness on Linux.


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Thank you, Roman.
I took pieces of code from ViewerTest_RelationCommands.cxx and tryed to use it. It works.