AIS_Trihedron bug ??

I used AIS_Trihedron with OC3.1/Linux. I try to rebuild my apps under OC4.0/NT4/VC++6 without MFC (using FLTK) and each time there is :

Handle(AIS_Trihedron) aTrihedron;
Handle(Geom_Axis2Placement) anAxis=new Geom_Axis2Placement(gp::XOY());
aTrihedron=new AIS_Trihedron(anAxis);

it crash at the last line ...

So I have tried the MFC samples and the those which use the same (SampleAISBasic, SampleHLR) crash to ?? Moreover SampleHLR says that there is a unit pb before lauching an crashing when using the "HLR dialog" icon.

Does I have missed anything ?? Any explanation ???

Thanks for help.

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forget that ... all is OK

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it seems the environment variable :


are not or not correctly defined .
They should be defined as :

CSF_UnitsLexicon "OpenCASCADEPath"/src/UnitsAPI/Lexi_Expr.dat
CSF_UnitsDefinition "OpenCASCADEPath"/src/UnitsAPI/Units.dat