Another probable bug in Opengl_togl_begin_layer_mode.cxx

call_togl_text2d ( char *s,
float x,
float y,
float height )

height parameter is not used in function's body... so text height is not set on call.


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Dear Massimo,
I would like to inform you that the posted problem has been checked and confirmed.
We confirm that the role of "height" argument in call_togl_text2d() and call_togl_textsize2d() looks really unclear now. In general the way how text height is managed during text rendering in a 2D layer should be revised.
The corresponding issue with ID = 22880 has been registered.
Later you may check if the issue is resolved by checking references to the specified ID in OCCT Release Notes. The analysis of the issue will take some time depending on our technical capability and availability of resources.
You are also welcome to develop a corresponding patch and make a contribution via the Collaborative portal -