Anyone successful running samples for Windows 98 ?

Hi, Folks. I have downloaded samples for MFC for Windows and all modules for Windows NT (DEBUG version). After unzip and setup all environment variables as mentioned in FAQ 1.10 such as CSF_GRAPHICSHR, I encountered "fatal error in graphics initialization" when I tried to run all the sample exe files.

So, I tried to debug it and discovered that everytime the LoadLibraryEx is called to load Opengl.dll (supplied with the modules), it failed and the error returned is 31 A device attached to the system is not functioning. I am very confused and all samples failed to load opengl.dll with LoadLibaryEx in file OSD_SharedLibrary.cxx.

Can anyone help with this problem. Any help or sharing of ideas are greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

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Hello Jack,

As you can read in this FAQ, you must set all environment variables.

This error message indicates that the variable csh_graphicshr is not set correctly. So verify that all variables are set and that in the file config.sys the environment space is correctly configured as explained in the windows9x FAQs

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