Hi everybody,

when compiling my little testprogram with OpenCasscade, I find these errormessages:

/opt/CAS4.0DVP1/inc/Standard_Integer.hxx: In function `Standard_Integer IntegerSize()': /opt/CAS4.0DVP1/inc/Standard_Integer.hxx:141: parse error before `)'

/opt/CAS4.0DVP1/inc/Standard_Real.hxx: In function `Standard_Integer RealSize()': /opt/CAS4.0DVP1/inc/Standard_Real.hxx:156: parse error before `)'

I believe, that the BITS() function can not be found by my compiler (SuSE Linux 7.0 I386). So I might not have included all necessary header files. Compilation of the whole library works fine, except of some warnings (and I ignor them!). Would someone know the solution for this problem ?

Is there a way to get the example files without having installed java ?

Thanks for any comments.


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The problem is that you haven't defined LIN on the command line.
With the current setup, you have to specify -DLIN under Linux, -DSOLARIS, -DIRIX, -DAIX or whatever. We are working on fixing that, but it may be some time. Problems like yours are a prime example of having a library interface that changes across platforms. That's not ideal, what we'd really like to have are header files that give exactly the same code on any system. This is only true for the librarie's interface, there may be other situations where header files are used only during compiling the library itself, then it is OK to do whatever you would in a normal source file.

I hope this helped.