box - faces direction

I want to export OCC geometries to Open Inventor.

Therefor i use the OCC_COIN3D-viewer interface.

By exporting OCC exports each face of the shape as a SoIndexedTriangleStripSet.

It's no problem to merge the faces to a shape (IndexedTriangleStripSet) but:

The directions of the faces are always "wrong" - faces are directed along the pos. x, y, and z- axis but should be directed "outside" the shape.

Could anybody tell me howto analyse face directions of a shape - is there any function I didn't see till now (in OCC)

thank you for your support


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have a look in the TopoDS_Shape.cdl file.
to check face orientation ::Orientation();
to get the oriented shape ::Oriented(TopAbs_Orientation).

I hope this will help you.


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Thank you, but -

there's still a problem

I replaced my orientation-settings by


The value never changes , but the export produces the same results like a setting of TopAbs_FORWARD
(same OI verteices and indices)