I am cutting a tube T1 with an other (T2) at one end of T1. A get a surface made with two symetric parts (regard to X axis in this case)
I want to sew the two surfaces in only one, but OC5 does not do it, even with very low tolerance such as 0.1mm or even less, and 1E-7 does not work too!). Is anyone able to explain how to make it work?

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I have found the problem:
I used load (for the first shape) and after Add for the others. That does not work, only add must be used. I do it but dont know realy why! If somebody knows and can explain.....

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Add and Load are identical (see source code).
But you must set the tolerance *before* loading the
shape, vice versa doesn't run. I've "best" results
sewing with 0.005.
Hope that helps U