BUG in OpenLocalContext()

Start "Samples\MFC\AISSelect" from the start menu (or "Samples\MFC\06_SampleAISSelect\Release\SampleAISSelect.exe" in the OpenCASCADE installation folder). Directly after program start do the following about 89 or 111 or 188 or 67 times: click on the button "Faces" (which opens a local context for faces) and then click on the button "Neutral point" (which closes all open contexts). Anytime it will crash depending on your computer and your CPU and on the current state of the universe. If you load the project in Visual C++ 6.0 and recompile it, the crash occurs randomly after different cycles depending on whether you use the release version, debug version, start it inside Visual C++ or start the recompiled executable directly. We found this bug (or is it a feature ??? :-) ) some hours ago and so far we do not have an idea how to fix it since it does not occur when running the debug version with breakpoints ! So folks , any suggestions ??? Or am I just dreaming a nightmare ? If so, please wake me up ...

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I have tried 67 & 89 times, there is no any crash.