Can openCascade export to OBJ?

Hello, Im wondering if it is possible to export to a .OBJ file? This old post says there is an extension for it?

I have not been able to locate it in the source code if it is there. What I want is to make a FBX to OBJ converter and I dont know what to do after I've imported and read the FBX file.

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Possible OCC might not the best tool for the job, since neither format is supported out of the box. Assimp supports both obj and fbx, so your changes might be better over there? 

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Sorry I meant STEP, not FBX. And Assimp doesnt support STEP as far as I know.

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Dear rasmus,

In addition I would like to inform you that OCC CAD Assistant (for Android & iOS only, see is a good example of application that can read STEP and export to OBJ. You can download and test it.
In case if you will find it intersting contact us via the  Contact Form -
We are ready to help you and develop a solution exactly for your needs on the basis of CAD Assistance.

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Dear rasmus,

Open CasCade Mesh Framework (OMF - supports writing to OBJ format.

In case of need you can contact us via the Contact Form (

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Hi rasmus,

take a look here:

It contains an OBJ exporter. Should be easy to use without SALOME Geometry.

As a remark: it just writes out the geometry. if you need colors too, I'll recommend study this code and do a converter depending on the STEPCAF_Reader!



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Can some one please share code for converting a AIS_Shape into .Obj file using smesh?