Can't find directory for samples


I'm new to OCCT and trying to get it starting for me.

I successfully installed it and was able to run DRAW.EXE after copying some .dlls to the executables directory.

After trying the first steps like showing "axo" and some simple shapes like the "box" and the "cylinder" i tried to open some samples but failed.

I called "cd../.." to get to the root directory and after that calles "cd samples/tcl" but the following error was shown:

"couldn't change working directory to "samples/tcl" : no such file or directory."

Is there a way to show in which directory the system is atm? I tryed basic DOS commands like "tree" and "dir" but i will not work.

Thanks in advance

Greetings Felix

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To start Tcl samples you should either make sure that relative layout of folders is known to standard scripts or setup environment variables (which is usually done via draw.bat script).
Standard building scripts (either genproj or CMake) are expected to generate draw.bat script, which should care about environment.

Starting DRAWEXE opens Tcl shell with extra commands provided by OCCT Draw Harness.
Refer to Tcl documentation for its built-in commands - as it is not DOS-alike shell, although you can call some Windows commands via exec command.