Can't get WOK to run

Hello all,

I'm a newbie to OpenCascade trying to get WOK to run under Linux. I set up the environment as described in the WOK intallation guide. When I start "wish" or try running "mywok" that was copied into my home directory upon installation, I always get "Can't find package Wok".
There's not much one can do wron following those few instructions, yet it doesn't work. Anyone have an idea what could help me. Maybe I just need to tell "wish" where to look for the package, but actually that should already have been done in the ".wishrc".

If anyone has any idea I'd appreciate it.


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I installed WOK during the OpenCASCADE installation ( option 8 ), and all worked fine from the beginning.

You can try to reinstall all OpenCASCADE with WOK, and not WOK alone after the installation.



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I have encounterd to same problem as you on
SUN Solaris2.6.
When I invoke mywok, the error "can't find package Wok" occures. Please help me,too.