The color of the picture obtained by dump is different from the color of the rendered scene

Hello everyone, I don't know if you have encountered such a situation before.

Through myView-> Dump (aFileName.ToCString (), Graphic3d_BufferType :: Graphic3d_BT_RGBA); the color of a picture is different from the color in the rendering scene.

The two pictures in the attachment are from the dump and the rendering scene.

Also I found that if the aFileName is a 8 bitdepth jpg,it works fine.If the aFileName is an other type lik 24 bitdepth image,It works wrong. 

Thank you all.

Kirill Gavrilov's picture

Attached pictures indicate that Red and Blue components have been swapped in a dump. Why this happened requires more details.
This may be caused by inconsistency between pixel formats supported by OpenGL (ES) and image library used for image dump.