Connecting edges to curve

Hello everybody,

I want to model a rocket nozzle by rotating a curve. The curve consists of a line, 2 arcs of circles and a BSpline-curve. Could anybody please tell me, how I can put those geometries together in one curve of type Handle_Geom_Curve? I just can't think of the right way.

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Here is a picture of my problem. The Revolution is supposed to be only 14° and the resulting surface need to be NURBS. How can I reach that?

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you have 2 solutions :

1/ the easiest, use topology instead of geometry, but the generated will no be one bspline surface, but a set of faces (one for each curve). check the topology primitives sample

2/ with geometry, discretize your curves and recreate one bspline curve from your points and normals . check the Geometry sample


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How can I reach ONE BSpline curve? I have discretized all my curves as trimmed curves and I converted them all to BSplines. How can I connect them?


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Could anybody please help me and tell me how to connect several curves to on single BSpline?

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Hi adrenalin123,

API GeomConvert_CompCurveToBSplineCurve can merge several curves into one bspline curve.
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Thank you very much! This helped!