Crappy forum ?

Hi !

I just did a quick check to see if things has changed since I last used OCC (about 6 month ago), and it's still the same.

Take a look at the last 420 messages in the forum, about 250 never got an answer at all, that's about 60% that never gets an answer, isn't the forum about helping people with OCC ?, don't get me wrong, there are some very helpful folks on the forum no question about that, but I thought that at least a few from Matra would be lurking around here and help with some answers when no one else can help.

When only 40% of all questions asked get an answer you can't say that the forum is very succesful can you ?

Anyway, as usual, maybe it's only me that is complaining again ..... ? any one else ?


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I completely agree with you!!

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I think you are correct. There are lot's of cries for help and lots of bug reports, bur few acknowledgments or replies. Very strange.
I did get a few off list replies to a question that I had about open source projects about a month ago.
I think that there are many people watching the development of this whole thing, but maybe they are on the sidelines.


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from my personal view, I've got help from OCC (or Matra - as you want) via email.
The problem is people often don't send the solutions back to the forum.
So they have the information they need and no interest answering their own questions in the forum.
I don't think OCC has no other projects as helping in the forum. The quality of this forum also depends on us!!

Best regards,
Patrik Müller

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Thank you Patrick for your pertinent answer!

The Open CASCADE user forum is a priviliged space for exchanging information and tips between Open CASCADE users. This is not a free support forum. The Open CASCADE company devotes its resources to offering professional service to our customers who purchase support in the form of helpdesk and technical assistance.

The rest of the resources are devoted to improving and enriching the Open CASCADE software which is available free for donwloading on our web site.

Thank you Mikael for downloading it and being such a faithful user of this product!! We try most of the times to provide free help to those who encounter an installation problem or a general purpose bug. In this case we answer the request on a personal basis because usually the question requires some further discussions to be solved.

For those of you who would like to contribute to the improvement of Open CASCADE we encourage you to go to the site and create a project.

Best regards,
Patrick JEAN, Open CASCADE

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In that case maybe it would be a good idea to put out a note about this in the faq or something like that, almost all other open source projects that has a mailinglist (managed by the company/people that created the project also give some support to people that ask questions about the project.

But this just clarified what I have thought from the first time, this is an open source project for people that pay money to buy the product (OCC), we, the ones that download it for free can't expect and will not get much help from you.

This is ok, but it would be a good idea to make this clear so the people that download the free version don't expect to much from you.