Hello, everyone,

Occ has offered the source code and the project for dll. Is there any way to convert the dll project to exe project,then we can debug the modules freely?

Thanks in advance.

Liu Ailin

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Sorry, can u explain again. I see that OCC provides us both release and debug version.

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I am very sorry having written a vague message.
If we open the directory of \adm\WindowsNT under the root directory of Open CASCADE,we can find a lot of project files,XXX.dsp, XXX.dsw, these are the dll project files of OpenCASCADE module. If we convert these projects to EXE projects, we can debug these module with the source code conveniently and individually,add some algorithm, fix some errors.......Otherwise, when we debug, we will see the source code we added and the code that is very difficult for me to understand.
Is it clear now? And do you think so?

Thank your reply.

Liu Ailin