DRAWEXE Commandline arguments



i want to start the DRAWEXE with a given command. In my case it´s "testgrid" to start all the tests directly. 

I found a commandline option "-c" here.

If I start the DRAWEXE with this option I get an results folder with a new testresult folder and empty subfolders for my testgroups.

The DRAWEXE says "Draw[1]> can not find channel named "stdout"" and the DRAWEXE closes immediately.

Starting the DRAWEXE with out arguments and calling "testgrid" in shell works fine.


Is there any documentation, how I could do this?


Thanks for help, Andreas

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This is known issue (although not sure there is a registered bug for it), and it looks like a bug in Tcl itself (not Draw Harness).
Are you starting Draw Harness on Windows or another platform?

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Note that on Windows you can workaround the issue using the batch script like this:

@echo off
cmd /c "echo testgrid v3d,demo; exit | draw.bat"