Drawing voxels problem - VoxelClient_VisDrawer


I have successfully tested the "voxeldemo" sample, located in the samples folder of OCC6.6, but now I am trying to create my own code to draw voxels but the next function in VoxelClient_VisDrawer is failing:

static OpenGl_Element* VisDrawerCallBack (const Graphic3d_CUserDraw* theUserDraw)
if (theUserDraw == 0)
return 0;

// Retrieve the user structure
Voxel_VisData* aUserData = (Voxel_VisData*) (theUserDraw->Data);

if (aUserData == 0)
return 0;

VoxelClient_VisDrawer::VisElement *aElem =
new VoxelClient_VisDrawer::VisElement (aUserData);

if (theUserDraw->Bounds != 0)
aElem->EvaluateBounds (*(theUserDraw->Bounds));

return aElem;

Everything goes fine until returns... Checking in debug mode, "aElem" contains an "OpenGl_Element" and "myHandler" atributes but in my code, myHandler is correctly initialized but OpenGl_Element is nothing; in debug mode says: "this secondary value (OpenGl_Element) cannot be evaluated".

I don't know what I am doing wrong and I am a bit lost right now. My code is in a DLL and I can draw igs shapes and detect voxels with the mouse cursor in a panel without problems, only drawing voxels is failing in my project.
(I am using c++ and visual studio 2008).

Please let me know if you need more information.

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Hello Julio,

from your description it's hard to say why the problem occurs but my guess is that the VoxelClient_VisDrawer is not correctly initialized.


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It seems you are right, I have just checked it. The value of myGraphicDriver, in my proyect, lacks one value that is present in the same variable in voxeldemo: "__vfptr" and that atribute is also missing in aElem.

I will check where is the problem in my code.

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Still no luck.

I have seen that, in mi code, the attribute "entity" (Handle_Standard_Transient) of myGraphicDriver is different in comparison with the same attribute in voxeldemo sample. Is that normal or should they be equal?

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maybe you create a new 'myGraphicDriver' when initializing the voxel viewer instead of using the existing one...


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I use the same for my proyect :)
This is a bit of my code that initializes the viewer and voxel viewer (all of this is in the same .cpp):

Some declarations could be missing here, but they are in my code and everything compiles well.

Handle_V3d_Viewer myViewer;
Handle(V3d_View) myView;
Handle(AIS_InteractiveContext) myAISContext;
Handle_OpenGl_GraphicDriver myGraphicDriver;
static Handle(Graphic3d_GraphicDriver) Viewer_aGraphicDriver;

bool OCCViewer::InitViewer(void * wnd)
if (myGraphicDriver.IsNull())
if (Viewer_aGraphicDriver.IsNull())
Handle (Aspect_DisplayConnection) aDisplayConnection;
Viewer_aGraphicDriver = Graphic3d::InitGraphicDriver (aDisplayConnection);

myGraphicDriver = Handle(OpenGl_GraphicDriver)::DownCast(Viewer_aGraphicDriver);


TCollection_ExtendedString a3DName("Visu3D");
myViewer = new V3d_Viewer (myGraphicDriver, a3DName.ToExtString(),"", 1000.0,
V3d_XposYnegZpos, Quantity_NOC_BLACK,
Standard_True, Standard_False);


myView = myViewer->CreateView();
myAISContext = new AIS_InteractiveContext(myViewer);

Handle(WNT_Window) hWnd = new WNT_Window (reinterpret_cast (wnd));



myView->TriedronDisplay(Aspect_TOTP_LEFT_LOWER, Quantity_NOC_BLACK, 0.1, V3d_ZBUFFER);

return true;

And for initialization:

I think that everything is correct, isn't it?


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Indeed, it looks OK.

Well, the problems seems to be somewhere else ;)


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Yes and that is bad for me hehe.

I have managed to catch the runtime error, and the exception says:
"Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt."

I am going to see whats happening.

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Very good news. I have solved the problem.

It was memory allocation problem with tbb... I was using the 3º party tools dlls in the same directory of my proyet (I copied and pasted them) but now I set the PATH variable with the location of that dlls and it is working fine.