eclipse and opencascade

Did anyone considered using eclipse as a UI platform for OCC ? I know the salome project is using QT but seing that:
1) eclipse is pushed by IBM
2) eclipse is java and the speed of c++ (if well designed) at the ui level.
3) QT is not open source in w32
4) eclipse is ported to w32/linux/solaris and Mac beside embeded UI like photon and CE

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check out if you have not done so already.

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What is QT?

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Qt is an portable User Interface toolkit which is multi-platform and you have the source code, it's free on most platform (except Windows) and it's really good.


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All of the cross platform features of QT applies to eclipse as well . Except of course the restriction on w32. Which in the case of eclipse you have the source code as ooposed to QT .

You might argue that the latest component model under QT is unparelled. This is only done by few others. But eclipse is built on Top of java *which* already has a component model through reflection and java interfaces.