error running application with OCC 6.5.0 on Win32

I'm trying to update my OCC6.3 project to OCC 6.5.0.
First i used the original given DLLs.

In my App the constructor of Graphic3d_WNTGraphicsDevice always failed (internal Error) - with OCC6.3 it works.
Then I rebuild the whole OCCT but with finaly the same failure.
I found out that the TKOpenGL.dll can't be loaded (missing dll), but the path and the dll exists.
Has anyone a hint for this problem with OCC6.5.0?
Thank you in advance

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Hi Peter,
Very probably your environment is not well defined.
The ...\ros sub-directory of the installation has several *.bat files
which should help you to tune your local environment.
Besides you may use Dependency Walker to check your application and locate
the problem.

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Hi, Peter,

I did same yesterday. I used VC8 configuration and it runs. The direction structure of OCC 6.5 is changed. So you should change the CASROOT variable.

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Thank you for your feedback.
DependecyWalker was a good hint.
I read in Microsoft knowledge database that LoadDll could have problems with "." in the path. I've changed this to '_', and had to recompile the project. With a C++ application the constructor works now. (i'm not shure if it was really the '_' or just the recompile). But I still have the error in my c# Application what is wrapped. I'm checking now i have all runtime dlls installed.

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Have you had any luck with the wrapper? I am getting an error when it attempts to initial the shell.

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Hi Hamish

The problem I have with the wrapper is, that we use the old, already builded DXF-Dlls from OpenCascade. These Dlls internal use TKKernel and other DLLs which are from a previous OCC version (6.3.1). We first have to buy the source code or replace these DXF Dlls. So I have stopped now to investing time in the new version.
As sergey descibes above, with the Tool DepenencyWalker you can see where the problems are in the builded dlls.
Hope that helps.

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The entire issue lies with the 6.5 installation wizard that does not set back the environment variables. The installers till version 6.3 used to automatically set the env variables in the registry. There are about 18-20 of them which is in the bat script. I set them up manually and everything worked fine.