Eviewer got deleted from my computer over installation and uninstallation of a web cam.
How do I get eviewer back?

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Hi Jers,

Don't know exactly but wouldn't re-installing OCC (maybe selecting just an e-viewer option in the Custom install) help ?
By the way, it's strange e-viewer got deleted by a web cam :-).

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Hi, were you able to get it back. The same thing happened to me. My son installed a digital camera and software. Since it had problem working. We unstalled and deleted files to it.

Now to see pictures(bmp. jpg. gif.)It requests the eViewer. I see my pictures through other programs or explorer/file, open/file.

But I can't get them to open immediately with the explorer by clicking on them like I use to, because it askes for the eViewer

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Hi. Just wondered if you could tell me how I can go about viewing my jpg files without eviewer? thanks.

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I want to view STEP files in internet explorer using the e-viewer plugin. I have installed it in my pc which is having windowsXP and internet explorer 6.0 but i am not able to view the 3D model. I have tried the same in many computers and the result was same. Can some please help.

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the same thing happened to me. I installed the digital cameria(in your case it was the web cam). I cant view pictures with the eviewer like I could before. My installing the program again, I could view them in alther way.

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Did you ever resolve the problem with eViewer ?
I also have same problem,

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did you ever figure it out i have the same prob.say eviewer needed to open i had a camera i had trouble with too please help thank you