Fatal Error in units initialisation?

I build a new project in VC ,using Viewer APPWizard.Compile and run,the program show:
Fatal Error in units initialisation.
I dont write even one stetement,yet.
and i am sure that the projec include D:\OPENCASCADE4.0\INC,D:\OPENCASCADE4.0\WINDOWS_NT\LIB,and #include
then,Anything else should I need to config?

BTW:I have reinstall win2000,and the OpenCascade4.0 have been install in the former system,and I set the path to it in the newer system.I can run the samples.
Is there anything should I config more?

Thanks a lot!

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Verify the following environment variable :
CSF_UnitsDefinition and CSF_UnitsLexicon

If they are defined, they should be defined as following :


If they are not defined , the following environment variable CASROOT is mandatory :


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Thanks a lot.I got it!