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To Open CASCADE team/Community:


This thread http://www.opencascade.org/org/forum/thread_18155/ made me post this request (though the idea is obvious and already appeared here, so it's more for a record ;-)).

From time to time, same questions pop up on this forum. Community folks either post links to previous answers and/or repeat it.
Can we have some wiki-based FAQ which could gradually grow over time by community and/or OCC team? Of course, there are likely possibilities to have some free engine-based site somewhere outside of opencascade.org, but it would be for everyone's benefit if it ran here.

OCC folks, could you comment how feasible this is? If you know it won't be feasible in some reasonable timeframe (a quarter?), perhaps some volunteers could establish it somewhere and you could just post a link here?

Makes sense ? What do others think ?

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Hi Roman, I second the idea. It certainly helps people just beginning to learn OCC. Most of the times, the questions, like the link you posted, never get answered anyway.


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I think a wiki would be a good thing, for new and established users alike.

I'll have to doublecheck, but I think i could provide the webspace for one. I have no experience in setting up or administrating a wiki, but i son't think that this would be too much work - since a wiki is mainly run by the community.

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we could even copy-paste working solutions to common problems from this forum, if the original poster (or OCC S.A.S) does not mind.

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Hello Community members,

As always, we appreciate your new idea. We would like to communicate that currently we do not have a possibility to host such tool on our web site effectively however if you like the idea of such tool you may try to start it on an external resource, among many standard available.

Thank you and best regards.
Forum Supervisor

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Hello Roman,

Just couple of remarks:

- Such Wiki has already been created a while ago by Stephen Leary, see http://www.opencascade.org/org/forum/thread_14311 . As far as I could see, there were virtually no activity there, and now the domain seems to be unavailable.

- Similar question has been discussed on your blog (though on wider domain), with many good ideas expressed.

My personal opinion is that the best place to collect systematic information about a product in collaborative manner is WikiBooks. Some open source projects even seem to maintain their docs there.

Hope this helps

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Thanks to all for quick responses and ideas.
Special thanks to Forum Supervisor for quick confirmation, and Andrey, for ideas and links.

I really would like us to start very small to have it working. "Small Deeds Done Are Better Than Big Deeds Planned",(c) Craig Barrett.
SourceForge seems to some wiki engine(s) so probably we could use opencascade.sourceforge.net (where I'm an admin) as a host.
As I don't have any practical experience in installing wiki, volunteer help is needed ;-). Any one willing to help ? Maybe anyone from OCC in their spare time ;-) ?

Thanks again.

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I am willing to assist you setting this up, if assistance is really needed.

It seems to me that the article at


is pretty comprehensive

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Sorry for the multi-reply.

you can reach me under omme_REMOVE_THIS_INCLUDING_UNDERSCORES_@gmx.net