get topods & geom OCC from ID


if I'don't whirlwind. OCC doesn't put some ID on their entities "TopoDS & Geom" like for example STEP, ACIS...etc (#100# advanced_face...)

my Question is how to set an ID(name or integer refere to Entitees Topology & Geometry) in the first time, and to send this ID to OCC in the second time, and finally get him, to retrive the shape and Geometry OCC.


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I wonder this question, too!

My problem is same as with you.

Any suggestions?

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HI osman;

when you find a solution, said me.
and I also make the same thing.

Have a nice day...

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Maybe give an eye at thread

Let us know if it was helpful.

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Thank you Hugues!

The post you sent is very useful,but I have another question.

In the post,it is said that we can get the ID's of the shapes like that :

When you need the shape id for the TopoDS_Shape aShape ...
int shape_id = 0;
if ( _map_shape_int.IsBound( aShape ) ) {
shape_id = _map_shape_int( aShape );

But how can we get the shapes by giving their ID's?I want to give the ID of the shape as an argument..

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Why don't you use a std::map for example ?

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TopTools_DataMapOfIntegerShape class includes the methods that you want.

Standard_EXPORT const TopoDS_Shape & Find (const Standard_Integer &K) const

method takes the ID value as an argument and then returns the shape.