How Can I use the ocaf4 Wizard ?

Sorry for my poor expression.I'm new with OpenCascade.I copy the OCAF4.0.awx£¬DrawViewerWizard4.0.awx£¬CasCadeViewer4.0.awx£¬UserType.dat to the Visual Studio' directory.After I use the ocaf appWizard to create a blank project,I found it is far diffent from the 10_SampleOcaf.for example,in my project ,I can't find the class CChildFrame3D,CSampleOcafView3D,class TSampleOcaf_Commands and so on ,even without a blank frame.
And more,I manual add the "// CasCade :
#if !defined(WNT)..." into the file "stdafx.h".
I think it should give me a blank frame and include statement automationly.

if something i should learn before useing the Wizard?Thanks you ?
and More,Where can i find the article about build the ocaf application step by step?
thank you very much!!!!!!

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at first try the Viewer-Wizard. Here you got the classes you miss. After that I recommend you combining the results from Viewer-Wizard and OCAF-Wizard as base for your development.

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Patrik Müller