How to import a STEP format (string)

Hello All,

My STEP file data is stored on SQL server.

OCCT CSharp example has a function to import FILE (Method TranslateModel​, ImportStep),

but I don't have find how to read from a string(SQL).

Can anyone point me into the right direction how to read this data from C#.


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Under is import STEP data from File, I want to import from a string(text).

 bool ImportStep(const TCollection_AsciiString& theFileName)


    STEPControl_Reader aReader;

    IFSelect_ReturnStatus aStatus = aReader.ReadFile(theFileName.ToCString());

    if ( aStatus == IFSelect_RetDone )



read from a string

IFSelect_ReturnStatus aStatus = aReader.ReadfromString(String());  <====== This method I want.