How to merge all the TopoDS_Shape?


I read a iges a file, When i opened this file using CAD Asistant I see 94 subshapes. Every face seems as a shape. 

Although i made a Compound with that shapes(BrepBuilder) ,  i can not find adjacent face. 


bool found=TopOpeBrepBuild_Tools:.GetAdjacentFace(,,,);


found is returns false even if there are many adjacent faces in the compound.

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IGES file format has limitations on preserving shape features, and faces connectivity is one of these limitations.
Why are you using IGES (development of standard has stopped in 1996) and not STEP?

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I am using also STEP, i didn't have same problem with STEP before. Is there a way to find adjacent face of the any face in the file as i describe?

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You may try sewing algorithm (BRepBuilderAPI_Sewing) on your shapes.

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Thank you for your helps