How substitute BRepMesh_ShapeTool::Bound()

Hi all,

I am been converting a project from OCC6.6 to OCC7.3, and I cannot find the method BRepMesh_ShapeTool::Bound().

How can I replace this method to get the bounding box of shape ?




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Hi All,

I have solved implementing the original code :

Bnd_Box BRepMesh_ShapeTool::Bound(const TopoDS_Face& F)
  Bnd_Box Bf;
  BRepBndLib::Add(F, Bf);
  return Bf;

Bnd_Box BRepMesh_ShapeTool::Bound(const TopoDS_Edge& E)
  Bnd_Box Be;
  BRepBndLib::Add(E, Be);
  return Be;