Install OpenCascade on Linux

Dear all,

     I did download OCC 7.4 but I dont know how to install it on Linux.

     Any clue on this?


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Linux distributions provide own packages for Open CASCADE Technology. Thus, at first - try checking what comes with your Linux:

Most still come with older versions of OCCT, so that you will need downloading a source archive within OCCT 7.4.0 (or clone git repository), install necessary build tools, install/build required dependencies and then build OCCT itself. OCCT provides CMake scripts, which also incluse INSTALL target - so that you can install it into system, if this is what you actually want. It is more practical, though, installing custom OCCT not into system, but into another location, which can be specified by INSTALL_DIR parameter in CMake.

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Thank you for the detailed answer.