Intersection between a Line and a Wire

Can anyone please explain me about the Intersection between a Line and a Wire?
I want to find the Intersection points when a line intersects the wire. I used the function IntCurvesFace_ShapeIntersector but it didn't work. It does not give the intersection points with the boundaries.
I converted the wire to a face and tried to find the intersection points with the line. It gives the intersection points only if the point is inside the boundary. It is not giving the points of intersection with the boundary.
Please explain how can we find the intersection points with the boundary, and also, the functions which will help to find them.

Thanks a lot

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BRepExtrema_DistShapeShape should be your choice.

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How to know whether a surface(face/shell) is completely intersecting/cutting
another surface(face/shell) ?
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Thanks a lot Bearloga...

I also have the similar query as Mr.PG has posted. Please if anyone has an idea do reply.


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Question is not clear. What does it mean "complete intersection/cutting"?

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I tried using BRepExtrema_DistShapeShape to find the intersecting points of a wire and a line. But, the problem was with the deflection. As the deflection parameter changes the number of intersecting points changes. What exactly does the deflection parameter does?

So, I tried an alternate method where I converted the wire as a face and line as a plane and find the intersecting points.

A wire is converted to a face and a plane is created in a direction perpendicular to the wire and now I want to know the intersecting points of the wire with the plane. I tried to use TopOpeBRep_ShapeIntersector Class but I was not able to get the intersection points.

Please help me in finding the intersecting points when a line/a plane and a wire intersect.

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I have cylindrical surface and a plane trying to
cut across (normally to the axis). But sometimes
I may find the plane is partially cutting , say
not passing through the entire UV space.
If it is entirely cutting across, I can split it into
two else error.