Linux install with WOK


I am new to Linux,and I tried to install OpenCACSADE4.0 in Redhat7.2 Linux laptop with the option 8( with WOK), they ask the directory where Tcl/Tk was installed, when I prescribed /usr, where Tcl8.3 was installed with Redhat7.2 in /usr/lib, I was told that was not found in /usr/lib ( is here).

So I reinstalled ActiveTcl8.4, this time I was told that was not found in the directory, I found both and LibTclx8.3 in my /usr/local/ActiveTcl/lib,

Could anyone kindly let me know how to make the installation complete,


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Try to make a sympolic link
ln -s libTclx8.3.s0

It should work.



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Thanks, stephane! It works now.