Multy-platform networks

Hello, Working in a multy-platform network, I see that open cascade cannot restore brep files coming from disks of unix machines attached as network drives to Windows stations. Looks like a bug! I don't like to have problems every time after I forget to transfer files by FTP before. During the years of developing cascade, was it really difficult to insert several lines of code that would replace wrong endlines in such breps? Best regards, Ostap Bender

Vitaliy Smetannikov's picture

It is not a bug. Could you please to take into account that brep files are text files. Transfer text files by FTP in ASCII mode corrects differences of text files (various end of lines) on Unix and Windows platforms, but if you attached Unix disks as network drivers you will use files "as is" without any convertation. If you suppose it is a serious problem you are free to add "several lines" to CasCade (you see it is "open").

Best Regards. Kisa Vorobianinov.