I found that OCC-Wizard-3.0 is available to use but OCC-Wizard-3.1 is not available to use.Do you have any ideas about that of OCC-Wizard-4.0 or a better Wizard for 3.1

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(Platform : WINDOWS,IDE : VC++ 6.0)
I guess u r searching for .awx files which are available under 'ocas4.0/tools' folder, which u will have to copy under /microsoft visual studio/common/msdev98/bin/ide so next
time when u start with app wizard u ll be shown with ocas wizards....

hope this helps u.


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I mean that of OCC3.1.Since OCC4.0 has bad 2D-AIS,I do not want to use it until it becomes better.
Did you have a try of that on OCC3.1?