Open Cascade downloadign problem

Hello all;

I am trying to download OpenCascade, but the URL sent to me via e-mail from the webmaster does not seem to work. Did any one encounter that problem? I will greatly appreciate any help in that regard.


Diaa ElKott
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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Dear Diaa,
Please keep in mind the following during dowload:
- Cookies must be enabled in your browser.
- You must use the same browser for filling the registration form and for subsequent download. It means that, if you filled the form with IE, don't try to use NN for download, because cookies are not shared between these browsers.
- You must use the same computer, for the same reason.
If you folow these rules, everything should go well.
We are rewriting the authorisation system to make it more simple to use, but it's not yet ready.
Best Regards