Open Cascade in VS 2019


I have visual studio 2019. Can I use it for open cascade ?

I am new to open cascade. 


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Why do you think you couldn't?

Visual Studio 2019 has been released just this year, and you cannot be sure until you try it yourself,
but Microsoft claims that VS2019 should be even binary compatible to VS2017 and VS2015 to a good extent and actually shipped with optional VS2015 toolchains:

Although nowadays, with the new policy of continuous upgrades for Windows 10 and for Visual Studio VS2017/VS2019,
asking if there will be no problem with VS20XX is no more relevant - you should also know specific version of VS compiler toolset
to be sure that it is not buggy and has no blocking regressions relative to another update.

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hello SriKumar

Were you able to build?