Point cloud generation

Hello, I'm new to OCCT framework.
I have my application that needs point clouds.
Can we use OCCT library or classes to read either IGES or STEP CAD file and generated surface point clouds, so that i can use that in my application.



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I have a similar request, I need to read the STEP files from Artec Studio. I found Conversion plug-ins for Open CASCADE on the web, is it safe to use?

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I've got the same question (I've posted it already but something went wrong and my comment didn't show up. Can I use the OCCT library to work with STEP files exported from Artec Studio 15?

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Is there are something special in STEP files produced by this software?
I never heard STEP files used for point clouds.
If you have some file samples that are not translated by OCCT correctly - it would be useful sharing such files / reporting a bug.

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OCCT framework supports reading STEP and IGES files, provides functionality for fetching points on a surface using UV coordinates, has meshing algorithm, so yes - there is no visible reason why OCCT cannot be used for generating point clouds from a CAD model. What kind of point cloud (points distribution algorithm) is another subject, which would depend on the purpose of point set; it might be required developing a dedicated algorithm using OCCT generating point clouds in desired way.